Beyond technological transformations, our projects respond to issues of extreme importance for Haiti. They are intended as tools for the democratization of culture and knowledge by being accessible to all, remotely. They aim in particular to allow a large public to have access to old and / or rare documents and information, the manual and / or immediate use of which would be difficult.


HAITIZ is a streaming platform for the promotion of Haitian music. It is also intended to be a digital archive for the conservation and protection of all sound expressions of Haiti and its diaspora.


GRIYO is a Haitian initiative aimed at bringing Haitian books and authors closer to readers, especially those in disadvantaged areas in Haiti where there are virtually no libraries while smartphones abound.


We bring together journalists, animators, specialists, teachers ... under the same label, to publish informative and educational audio capsules that can contribute to the personal development of young Haitians.

888 690 1112

The Haitian Support Services Number is a Call Center for sharing legal information, facilitation and guidance for Haitians living or visiting USA: Immigration, support and legal document, work, translation. .. No fees required. (suite)

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